Thursday, 18 April 2013

Running Total raised: £448 Thank you


Pictured at the finish with Ann & Mike Coriam
Thanks to everyone for your support. I am pleased to say I completed the course in 2hr 13mins

As some of you know I have completed a number of events for various well known charities over the years. However when I attempt the Chester Half Marathon on Sunday 12th May it will be to raise money for a cause much closer to home. My neighbours Mike and Ann Coriam and family who are looking to find answers about their daughter Rebecca.

Rebecca "Bex" Coriam was last seen on the 22nd March 2011, where she worked on the Disney Cruise Liner. Ever since, her family have been searching for answers from Rebecca's employer Disney, whom so far have not disclosed any information. Even the full details from the original police investigation have still not been shared.

The Rebecca Coriam Search Foundation. is a fund to be used solely for the purpose of furthering the investigation in search for Rebecca. A specialist maritime lawyer has been engaged to push for the facts from Disney and the authorities involved. For more information please visit

Rebecca's mum Ann has recently climbed Mt Kilamanjaro and her sister Rachael is running the London Marathon both for other established charities; in events Rebecca would of liked to of completed herself.

It would be great if we could help to support them this time in their quest to find out the truth.

Running Total raised: £448
Thanks to: David Mitchell, Kerry, John Proudlove, Emma Walters, Caroline & Darren, Jim Price, Bunnies Nursery, Gemma Lightfoot, Mark Conboy, Howard, Dave Bowen, Les & Yvonne, Paul Byard, Tony Exford, Mum, Dave Mac., Ann Duke, Robin Barker, Stan & Mary, Mark Duncan, Anu Jacob, Ann & Alan, Gordon & Kate, Gwyn Bouch, Cherry, Pam, Dave & Hazel, The Missus & kids, Terry at No.7, Chester Tav's C.C., Bill Moulton, Tony & Sylvia, Alan & Marie, Betty, Steve Brown, Bryan Rogers, Caragh, Andy Jones & Gavin Astley so far. And of course Steve Wentworth for building this blog page. Thank you all for your support.

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